BlackBerry and Nokia Sharing Some Love with Instagram

InstagramThe last 24 hours has turned out to be a day spent sharing some love with Instagram.

First to kick-off the first 24 hour shift was the unofficial arrival of Instagram for BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry’s new operating system BlackBerry 10, arrived on the scene on 30 January 2013 alongside the arrival of its first hardware device, the BlackBerry Z10 running the new OS.

The new BlackBerry operating system arrived out of the box with many of the main core of apps and social networking apps available. However, one of those lacking, was Instagram.

At present Instagram remain with the line that they will not support BlackBerry nor Windows Phone devices. However, that does not stop developers from being keen to provide alternatives or to share their love of Instagram.

instagramThe Android version of Instagram is now available for download. It is a sideloaded version and as such there may be bugs to iron out but the base of the Instagram experience remains which is to join in the social network by sharing your filtered images.

Download: Instagram for BlackBerry 10

How to sideload Android apps from Windows

How to sideload Android apps from Mac

instagramThis morning arrived with news of a possible imminent arrival of Instagram for the Windows Phone devices, with it being an exclusive for the Nokia Lumia range. However, this has since been watered down with news of a new mysterious application ’2InstaWithLove’. The app has been created by Nokia, however it appears to be an elusive app, as customers have been few and far between who acknowledge that they have been able to install the app. Some rumours suggest this could be a ‘game’ by Nokia or an early ‘April Fool’s’ joke.

Download 2InstaWithLove for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

Instagram remains one of those apps that people are looking for on the Windows Phone platform and as such the new 2InstaWithLove may get the attention of the Instagram developers, if they were to sit up and notice. You may recall that we have been calling for Instagram for Windows Phone for some time in our ‘Where is our Instagram‘ article.

It would appear to simplify matters for Microsoft to just pay to have the Instagram app written for Windows Phone 8 but perhaps I am looking at the industry in a much more simple way to how it exists in reality.

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