Are You a Symbian Developer? Interested in Making Money, or Just a great App?

I have a few ideas for applications, and many of which I do not mind sharing in public, however, I do have a couple of application ideas which I believe have the potential of being very successful, therefore wish to only pass on these ideas, for free to reputable Symbian platform developers.

If you are a Symbian developer, and are interested in hearing my ideas for potential, successful, and very useful applications, then please contact me on twitter here, and if Im not already following you, I will follow you so you can Direct Message me your email address for me to email you my ideas.

I do not wish to make money from these ideas myself, but do wish for these ideas to become a reality, and therefore become available to Symbian device owners around the world, which I believe will be very useful, and successful. These ideas, without giving too much away will make peoples lives easier whilst traveling, and help people who reside in a country that the spoken/written language is not the users native language.

If you wish to make money from my ideas, then thats up to yourself, but please consider these ideas. I look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Memphis eX Noel

    I would love to hear all those ideas Micky but I am just a newbie in developing Qt apps. No way Symbian C++ Apps cause I have abandoned that a few years ago cause of bad SDKs back then on version 1 of S60, but things got better with Qt and I started again! If I ever release a good simple bugless app, I hope I will make some of your ideas reality!

    Rita already gave me an idea about medical apps but there is a problem with the databases and maybe some copyright violations rising by going that way!