Apple Wins Slide-to-Unlock Patent Campaign

appleApple’s Slide-to-Unlock Campaign results in a ‘win’ with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granting the patents.


The two patents D675,639 and D675,612 cover the much-disputed slide-to-unlock user interface asset and design for the original iPhone.

Apple’s patent for a “Display screen or portion thereof with a graphical user interface” offers images specifically illustrating the rounded rectangular bar iPhone users have grown accustomed to seeing at the bottom of their lock screens. Drawings for the patent show the unlock slider in a series of largely similar configurations, with the last showing the slide bar all the way to the right in the unlock position.

However, slide-to-unlock has become an interface regularly used in other smartphones and led to Apple and Samsung’s appearance in a German court last year over the dispute.

Apple’s second patent award covers the rounded-edge design of the original iPhone. Apple has since departed from this design with the newer ‘block’ style of the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5.


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